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General Dentistry Services

Dr. Bloom provides a full range of dental services to maximize the health and appearance of teeth for individuals of all ages. He has extensive training in many areas of cosmetic and general dentistry including:

Routine Checkups and Cleanings

Dr. Bloom performs a 3-part professional dental cleaning.  His instructions for your daily home care are unique and are possibly the MOST VALUABLE lesson for you to learn.  By returning two or three times a year for confirmation of your home care success you can PREVENT the most common dental problems from recurring. More…

Digital X-rays
We use digital x-rays instead of conventional x-rays because they are both healthier and more convenient for our patients. Digital x-rays require about 1/3 of the radiation of film x-rays  and produce more easily read results. More…

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)
4 out of 5 people have some form of Gum Disease and don't know it because it is so easy to get and is painless until the advanced stages. More…

Root Canals
Root canal therapy can save a tooth when there is a problem with its nerve. Root canal therapy can provide a healthier and ultimately less costly solution compared to extraction and replacement with a bridge or implant. More…

TMJ Disorder and Bruxism
TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, the jaw joint. When it becomes irritated and inflamed, then facial pain, headaches, ear pain and jaw popping can occur. More…

Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Wisdom tooth extractions are not always necessary, but when they are, we are generally able to do the procedure ourselves without referring you to a specialist. More…

If you need to have restorative, cosmetic, or general dentistry work done, please contact our office today. Dr. Bloom will use his exam findings, xrays, photos and models to determine which procedure, or combination of procedures will give you the smile of your life!

If you need any type of restorative, cosmetic, or general dentistry and live in the Northwest Chicago or North suburban (Northfield) Illinois area, contact Dr. Bloom to schedule an initial consultation to determine which procedures may be right for you.

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For over 45 years, my greatest fear was going to the dentist. Then I met Dr. Bloom and his staff. Their caring and reassuring manner eliminated my anxiety. I now look forward to my appointments. He's a very personable guy. When I first met him, he looked me in the eye and I got the feeling that I would be happy. I'm so glad I chose Dr. Bloom."
- Simone, Riverwoods, IL.


Dr. Spencer Bloom provides general dentistry in Chicago and Northfield, IL. This website is for information purposes only and is not designed to, and does not provide dental or medical advice. The content is not intended to substitute advice from a trained professional. His office serves general dental patients from the Irving Park, Portage Park, 6 Corners, Harwood Heights, Northfield, Glenview, Deerfield, Highland Park, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and Northbrook, IL neighborhoods.